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Certification Beyond The Golden Standard

The most sought-after & premium certification body to build a solid foundation for businesses

The most sought-after & premium certification body to build a solid foundation for businesses
The Mark of Credibility


CERTY audit will assess your organization against standards to enable credibility in your operations and to enable confidence among your customers, suppliers, and companions. Our audits and analysis help you obtain the most from your control systems and enable your organization to acquire more business goals.

As the leading iso certification bodies in Saudi Arabia, we are completely aware of how quickly the industry is changing and how we must act immediately to have an influence. Our imagination and prescient drive us forward, we have a crucial role to play together with our clients to deliver an extra sustainable global. 

Creating a world of trust and building incredible confidence in the business you trust.

Our Objective Our Goal
We work to ensure transparency & quality in every enterprise
in line with global standards.
To build a world of trust and a highly trusted and authentic
environment for businesses around the world to thrive, ensuring
responsible progress.

Trust is the basis for building relationships between public authorities, and companies. In today’s rapidly changing world, this essential link is no longer provided citizens and consumers alike are looking for verified and verifiable information on how companies develop, manufacture, and distribute their goods and services. People involved in decision-making in all organizations face the challenge of proving their corporate social responsibility commitments to remain competitive and sustainable. So CERTY will help the organizations to work with and innovate in an impartial and result based manner.



Sustainability is embedded in our lifestyle and the way we do commercial enterprise. We use our know-how and know-how to allow a greater accountable, balanced and, sustainable destiny. As a sustainability chief, we’re devoted to promoting first-rate-in-magnificence practices in our quarter and past. We apprehend the significance of creating a sustainable destiny, it runs throughout our approach, it’s part of our culture and our day-to-day operations. This is why we are dedicated to creating superb impacts for our human beings, our clients, and our wider business.

Sustainability Pillar

The Certy Sustainability Ambitions 2030 are based on our sustainability Read More...

Value to Society

Our value to society is to enable a better, safer and more interconnected world.

Better Planet

Better Planet Protecting the planet is a social, economic,

Gender Equality

Gender Equality is one of the five focus areas of our diversity and Read More...

Better Society

People are at the very center of our business and the key to our success. All our efforts Read More...

Our Services

Value is created through not only our direct operations and supply chain, Read More...

Sustainable Development Goals

To maximize our active contribution to the SDGs, we have selected Read More...

How We Measure Our Value To Society

The Certy Impact Valuation Framework is built around the six "capitals" Read More...

Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

EDGE. Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies (EDGE) is Read More...


Our Focus area

Certification is the next essential step. Certy and its experienced auditors provide professional, reputable, and seamless registration services – a level of audit services that will deliver a substantial return on your investment. Your Quality, Environmental, Security, and Health and Safety management system initiatives will continue to guide you on the path to business success.

Our Values

At Certy, our values outline who we’re, they force us to succeed and pin our approach to enterprise. As we maintain to evolve our sustainability strategy, we set demanding situations to our commercial enterprise, our people, and our customers to do better, working together to create a better tomorrow for every person. We revel in an brilliant recognition for professionalism, thoroughness, and practicality, in large part a feature of getting the same personnel for decades, and an exquisite, skilled auditor organization.

Get CERTY-Fied

Building superlative confidence on businesses you trust.

Certy’s Certification is a globally recognized mark. Demonstrate your commitment to excellence by communicating your achievement with clients and possibilities.  Achieving an independent and internationally recognized body Certification, such as Certy, is a major achievement. Once earned, certification is a powerful marketing tool that sends a clear message to clients that your company is serious about excellence. 


We are the most reliable Certification body, which is powered by continuous monitoring and quality assurance

CERTY’s industry-leading Certification services help clients improve their overall performance and mitigate risk while strengthening the service and solution they provide. CERTY supports clients to be more efficient, more methodical, and more reliable in their journey towards a more sustainable business and a more sustainable world


Strengthening Our Growth Profile

By expanding the scope of our services, broadening the international network, and keeping abreast of global trends, CERTY serves our clients better – and promotes a more sustainable future.


Our strategy is built around the major pillars to capitalize on our strengths and further transform the Group.

We have different strategy

CERTY : The Specialist In ISO Certification Globally
We help your business meet international standards and build incredible confidence in your business

CERTY recognizes that we’re in a competitive enterprise and our clients have a massive desire whilst selecting a certification frame. For CERTY to face out and be successful we will be similarly devoted to all customers, regardless of size and region, we are able to strive to preserve present clients in addition to recruit new customers. We will constantly evaluate our overall performance and rejuvenate our technique whilst required.

As well as valuing our clients, Certy always offers desirable fee to the first-class and strives to supply our carrier in a manner that promotes self-belief and complete patron pride in an green, expedient, pleasant, and professional way.

Our services will always be delivered with transparency and sincerity.

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Start Your Journey

Benefits Of Completing Multiple Certifications At The Same Time?


Improve Efficiency

There is one management system. If you’re implementing one standard, the process of the second is more streamlined.

Reduce Time On Site

The information for each standard can overlap. Your Auditor can review duplicate processes, reducing time spent with your organization.

Keep Costs Down

It can be more cost effective to do a second Certification at the same time because of the commonality across the standards.

EDGE. The International Finance Corporation (IFC) developed Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies (EDGE), a tool that aids building developers in swiftly, easily, and economically designing resource-efficient structures. For all EDGE green building certification needs, we serve as the one-stop shop. This is one of many Energy Efficiency in Buildings certificates we offer, along with others, such as LEED, WELL, BREEAM and DGNB.

Australia Diversity Strategy. Gender is one of the five focus areas of our diversity and inclusion strategy at SGS Australia and where we have achieved gender balance on the Operations Council.

To maximize our active contribution to the SDGs, we have selected the best fit with our business model and determined specific measurable goals for our supply chain, direct operations, and services. We can track our progress and maintain transparency in this way.

Our Sustainability Ambitions 2030 encompass environmental, social and governance goals for our whole value chain specially designed to ensure that our positive impacts are aligned with the SDGs. You can see some of the SDGs we pay particular attention to as well as some examples of our contributions in the picture.

Value is created through our direct operations, supply chain, and also through our services. Our diverse service portfolio and geographic spread make it extremely difficult to evaluate the impact of our services worldwide. Currently, we are creating a methodology to conduct this analysis. We anticipate that after everything is finished and put into place, our value to society will significantly rise. We have piloted the impact of particular individual services even though we are unable to execute an impact appraisal across our complete service offering just now.

People are the lifeblood of our company and the key to its success. Our whole focus is on addressing the needs of our diverse workforce and helping them reach their full potential while we support the communities where we work and live.

The Certy Impact Valuation Framework is based on the six "capitals"—financial, manufactured, intellectual, human, social, and natural—that the Integrated Reporting Framework recognized as essential to company performance. Our Framework includes 32 indicators across these capitals, particularly created to assess our impacts. We use globally recognized databases, internationally accepted impact measurement techniques and academic research to build our calculation methodology.

The Certy Sustainability Ambitions 2030 are based on our sustainability pillars and the programs created in each of them, both locally and globally. These programs are spread throughout the network to share good practices between the affiliates and are periodically assessed to evaluate their effectiveness and promote continuous improvement.

A social, economic, ethical, and environmental imperative is to protect the environment. As a well-known sustainability leader, we are committed to reducing our environmental impact and giving sustainable value to society.

Our climate change strategy includes three pillars:

  • Reducing energy consumption at source
  • Using renewable energy whenever possible
  • Offsetting residual emissions

An international standard ensures that your business operates efficiently and to the highest standard possible. There

CERTY, an independent third-party accredited Certyfication body, Certyfies that management systems, services, and people meet certain standards. CERTY enables an organization to explore new avenues of business with globally recognized Certyfications relevant to your brand.
The equipment and products of a company across any specific sector may be Certified to international or national regulations, voluntary industry standards, or manufacturer and client requirements.

Benefits of ISO Certyfication

An international standard ensures that your business operates efficiently and to the highest standard possible. There are also tangible and commercial benefits to achieving and maintaining quality standards. Many large organizations need to meet the requirements of international standards for the inclusion of their selected suppliers in their list

  • Get your business skyrocket with the full required legal Certyfications
  • Improves the quality of the firm
  • Develops a good relationship with the clients
  • Protects your firm from any approaching danger by providing required tools to tackle.
  • Helps to market your business
  • Creates a cost-effective work environment
  • Protects the priorities of the employees
  • Gains more insight to the business
  • Helps in crisis management
  • Consistent, repeatable processes
  • Improves the standards and reputation of your firm.
  • Builds customer/client trust.
  • Stand out from competitors
  • Achieve operational excellence
  • Build credibility internationally

It’s not just about ‘gaining ISO Certyfication’ but developing a long-lasting relationship that gives your ongoing support through the growing challenges of quality, safety, environmental protection, and social responsibility.

Certy’s Certyfication team has decades of experience working across many industries including construction, engineering, manufacturing, waste management, aerospace, education, training, IT, transport, government departments, and the defense sector supporting businesses, big and small.
Whether you are a local SME or a global organization, our focus is to provide you with the Certyfication expertise and knowledge tailored specifically to your business.

Certy’s auditors are fully trained to have an in-depth knowledge of your industry, local compliance laws and regulations, and work with businesses of all sizes. Our Certyfication service will suit your specific needs and requirements because we understand that each business is bespoke. We don’t have a ‘one size fits all approach. Importantly, all services are performed with the least possible disruption to your day-to-day operations.

Certification is the next essential step. Certy and its experienced auditors provide professional, reputable, and seamless registration services – a level of audit services that will deliver a substantial return on your investment. Your Quality, Environmental, Security, and Health and Safety management system initiatives will continue to guide you on the path to business success. Certy is an accredited registrar that issues quality, sustainability, and security management system registration certificates based on internationally recognized standards.
We enjoy an excellent reputation for professionalism, thoroughness, and practicality, largely a function of having the same staff for many years, and an excellent, experienced auditor group.

We assist domestic and international organizations from a variety of industries committed to upholding the highest standards in their operations and offer certificates that guarantee you comply with the requirements of your business. You must perform several steps with an authorized certification frame to gain certification. This rigorous system emphasizes the iso certification price.
For the certification process to prevail within the eyes of internal companions, it desires to continue as smoothly as possible. Everyone involved in auditing and reporting should fully understand all necessities. Reviews and findings must be easily accessed, shared, and analyzed. Our auditors and project managers bring value by guiding you through the certification process and making sure it is as simple and seamless as possible.

Certy's certyfication marks of the certificate suggest reliability and trustworthiness. Speaking with this internationally identified emblem, that is customized to consist of the certyfication you get hold of, adds cost in your brand. It's far an immediately recognizable symbol of excellence and dedication to non-stop development. Certy's certyfication lets in corporations of all sizes and sectors to reveal compatibility, improve companion self-assurance, reduce threat and optimize normal performance. To attain certification, you have to go through a rigorous and annoying system. At Certy's, we make no effort to make this as unobtrusive as possible for you, our patron enjoy application and our complete digital certyfication services are the two ways we move up and down to support you in your certyfication adventure.

"Certy provides you a world-class Certyfication for your organization. Getting Certified in Certy will make your organization recognize as one of the standard organizations and step ahead from the competitive edge in the marketplace. Our team will visit your company to make an audit. We will do a detailed survey and will prepare a report. After our Audit is done, our client can identify the sectors where the improvement is required. And our team will ensure you the best process to be carried out for the best outcomes. We have the best team for all kinds of ISO auditing. We will have a deep study on your organization for the Auditing done for the ISO Certyfication and you will have to follow those instructions for having a better international standard.
Certy is an accredited Certyfication body that provides a range of Certyfications for internationally recognized standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001, ISO 45001, ISO 22301, ISO 20700, and many more. We offer straightforward and highly effective services with no extra charges and no long-term bidding contract. Certy’s Certyfication withholds a good standard in the corporation and our Certyfication is recognized everywhere in the globe. ISO standards demonstrate that your organization works to international or national best practices, demonstrating your credibility and competence to stakeholders and customers. "