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We provides a world-class Certification for your organization.

Certy is an accepted ISO certification body in Saudi Arabia that offers an extensive range of auditing, Certification across the world’s diagnosed requirements along with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001, ISO 45001, ISO 22301, ISO 20700, and plenty of greater. We provide honest and tremendously effective offerings without extra costs and no lengthy-time period bidding settlement. Certy’s certification withholds excellent well known in the enterprise and our certification is recognized everywhere around the globe. ISO standards exhibit that your agency works to international or countrywide excellent practices, demonstrating your credibility and competence to stakeholders and clients.

iso certification body

We’re a global stakeholder relations and partnership building consultancy.

Collaborate Consulting exists to find the place where to being seemingly disparate interests meet. From that point of the connection, we create platforms.
We bring more than 24 years’ senior experience forging of collaborations across government.
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Natalia Duke

(Chairman and founder)

Mission and Vision

Our Mission

Our mission is to get into practice in a rapidly changing world, our mission is to create value for our clients by Read More...

Our Vision

Certy's aims to be recognized by our customers and the public as a leader and loyal partner in ISO Certification. Read More...

Our Certification principles

Certy's performance as a Certification body depends on our ability to care for our clients, deliver services efficiently Read More...

Shaping a better tomorrow

At Certy we help reduce the risks to companies, governments, and public authorities in health, quality, Read More...
Building superlative confidence on businesses you trust.

CERTY : The mark of credibility

CERTY provides the most sought-after & premium services to the organization and builds a strong foundation for businesses.

Our value to society enables a better, safer, and more interconnected world by bringing world-class businesses and products to the forefront.


CERTY enables a better world to operate businesses everywhere efficiently, with quality delivery and trading with integrity and trust. We work to ensure transparency and quality in all enterprises in line with global standards.

CERTY enables a safer world by ensuring that the environment in which you work and live is safe and clean and that the products you use or use are safe. CERTY is developing a highly credible and authentic environment for businesses around the world to thrive.

CERTY helps you to prove your products. Processes, systems, or services comply with national or international standards, regulations, or customer-defined standards through Certification. CERTY is the most reliable and trustworthy Certification body that guarantees constant monitoring and quality.

CERTY ensures transparency and quality in all enterprises in line with global standards to check the quality, safety, and performance of your products against relevant health, safety, and control standards to reduce risks and reduce market time.

CERTY enables you to reach a more interconnected world using AI and IoT to develop new technologies, ensure IT and data security, and develop smart cities quickly and affordably. CERTY works to ensure transparency and quality in all enterprises in line with global standards.

CERTY provides the most sought-after and premium services to change people's lives and outlook on the management system and build a strong foundation for businesses. CERTY grows in trust to provide direct service to the client, henceforth we are fully focused on promoting overall customer satisfaction and impartiality

Why Choose Certy

CERTY is the best ISO Certification body in KSA for the requirements it presents. CERTY has multiplied its portfolio of requirements beyond that industry to encompass industries along with shipping & Logistics, storage & warehousing, physical distribution management, production, Industries, exchange, contracting, and all other small and huge groups. CERTY procedures its clients in a realistic and supportive manner while meeting the stern technical requirements and integrity of the permitted certification.

We focus more on practical advice and improvement
We offer you top-notch and comprehensive offerings
There are not any hidden costs like charges or management expenses
Experienced and dedicated auditors work effectively to lessen idle time and write reports efficiently.
Save money and time with our multi-well-known auditors
Fast and reliable service
CERTY provides monthly online assistance to the gold member
Modern and progressive
Responds quickly
Professionally well managed service
Certy's Certification is globally recognized and accepted
Strictly adhere to Impartiality policy
iso certification body

Certification Beyond the Gold Standard

CERTY'S Global Certification Program

As more and more new Certification schemes emerge, the benefits of a centralized system with a single, reliable ISO Certification body are cost and time-saving, more organizational control, and more opportunities for improvement. Companies today operate in a rigorous business environment. 

They need to deal with more stringent environmental regulations, competition from emerging markets, new risks associated with our digitally dependent age, and consumer scrutiny of issues such as ethics and sustainability. More and more organizations are adopting multiple third-party Certifications to manage risk and gain a competitive advantage.

Key benefits achieved
Get Greater Consistency by adopting a centralized and global approach
Reduce costs and save time with a contract with a single Certification body
Increase visibility of management systems throughout your entire organization
Foster is constantly improving by facilitating the sharing of best practices throughout
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We position our clients at the forefront of their field by advanced services.

We bring more than 20 years’ senior experience forging collaborations across government, private sector and international forums.

Integrity At Certy

We strengthen the integrity of the sustainable future by strengthening and redefining the potential for effective, progressive, and quality living space infiltration in the creation of new ideas.

How Our Remote Audit work?

Remote audit, additionally known as digital audit, is the technique of accomplishing an audit remotely, the use of electronic techniques such as video conferencing, email, and phone to gain audit evidence, much like you will all through an on-website online audit. The overall aim is to evaluate this evidence objectively to determine the volume to which the audit criteria have been fulfilled.
Far-flung auditing presents a springboard for tools together with report and screen sharing, video conferencing (Skype and Zoom are common systems), and live information evaluation. During this sort of audit, auditors can adopt fashionable auditing techniques which they use at some stage in on-website online audits, which include being open-minded, diplomatic, listening, and respectful to the auditee. Auditors will preserve key and relevant questions associated with the scope of the audit, and, more importantly, make complete use of two key skills which might be maximized all through a far-off audit –being versatile and collaborative.

How we do business

We paintings relentlessly to overcome challenges
The ingenuity of our people is what drives us ahead.
We work relentlessly to triumph over demanding situations to build a sustainable future for our humans, our customers, and our stakeholders.

Our method sets out how we can beautify the markets we serve – via persevering to create more secure methods of running, driving innovation, and handing over more value-powerful answers for our clients and companions.

At Certy we’re constructed on precept, driven from years of improvement and increase, making us a leader in our area. And it doesn’t quit there, we can continue to grow our enterprise, thru acquisitions, strategic partnerships, and provider improvement ensuring we create a better the next day.

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Award winner

We have many reviews from our satisfied clients.

At Certy we help reduce the risks to companies, governments, and public authorities in health, quality, safety, environmental protection, and social responsibility.Those challenges are central to social aspirations. Being a business-to-business company is a duty: to be exemplary internally and to be a role model for the industry in this sector.Our commitment is to work responsibly to shape a better tomorrow.It means contributing every day to creating the best workplace, the best atmosphere, and the best business practices that ensure maximum quality control.

Certy's performance as a Certification body depends on our ability to care for our clients, deliver services efficiently and maintain our integrity. To this end, we always apply the five principles in all our work: client focus, excellence, innovation, ethics, and quality assurance.Certy provides a high-quality service that creates value and is tailored to meet all clients' needs. Certy's unique approach and quality workmanship enable clients to move forward innovatively. Certy exists to maintain honesty and fairness in all circumstances and to act freely to reach professional, biased conclusions.

Certy's aims to be recognized by our customers and the public as a leader and loyal partner in ISO Certification. Certy's strives to play an active role in the Certification we provide and in the development of accredited Certification and other insurance services.

Our mission is to get into practice. In a rapidly changing world, our mission is to create value for our clients by providing services that help us constantly improve business performance and mitigate risk. Our services contribute to our client's goal of achieving compliance, increasing partner confidence, excellence and make your organization to stand a step ahead from your competitor through our standard Certification process.

Certy offers you a world-class certification for your organization. Getting Certified in Certy will make your organization establish as one of the standard organizations and step ahead of the competitive edge in the marketplace. Our team will visit your organization to make an audit. We will do a comprehensive survey and will prepare a report. After our Audit is done, our client can determine which areas need improvement. And our team will guarantee you the best procedure to be carried out for the best results. We have the best team for all kinds of ISO auditing. We will have a deep study on your organization for the auditing done for the ISO certification and you will have to follow those guidelines for having a better international standard.