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To achieve all of our aims, we need to focus more. From ensuring we collect and maintain appropriate records, to documenting how we’re working to be as open and inclusive as possible, our corporate governance responsibilities play a huge role in shaping how we work. Find out more about key governance areas below.

Freedom Of Information

Freedom of Information (FOI) promotes more openness among public authorities. Make a Freedom of Information request If the information you want isn’t covered by our publication schemes, you can make a freedom of information request. We’ll usually send you the information you request within 20 working days. If we can’t give you some or all of the information you ask for, we’ll tell you why.

Equality And Diversity

We are committed to creating a working, learning, cultural and social environment based on dignity and respect. Our equality and diversity team supports our staff to reach their maximum potential during their time with us. The team helps us meet our obligations under the equality law 2010 and follow best practices. As part of our commitment to equality and diversity, we are committed to following gender equality and the race equality charter. Certy’s goal is to drive forward the cultural and systemic changes we need to implement to ensure that we are an equal and diverse organization. They also support our values and strategies.