Our Ethics

Our Ethics

CERTY places the utmost importance on the integrity and impartiality of its assessment activities and the trust it conveys to its clients, their customers and the public at large. The principles inspiring this confidence include impartiality, competence, responsibility, openness, confidentiality, and responsiveness to complaints.

We guarantee the impartiality of the notified body, the top-level management and assessment personnel. The level of remuneration of the top-level management and assessment personnel of the notified body and subcontractors, involved in assessment activities does not depend on the results of the assessments. The notified body hereby makes the declaration of interest of its top-level management publicly available.

If any internal or external person or body should ever have concern of a situation that may threaten impartiality, it should immediately be brought to the attention of CERTY via info@certy.com, support@certy.com

Commitment to Impartiality

CERTY management are committed to ensuring the impartiality, independence and objectivity of its certification services and actively manages any threat of actual or perceived conflicts of interest affecting CERTY certification andits management, staff and auditors (including remuneration packages) and the activities of any associated functions. CERTY impartiality and objectivity is monitored by a dedicated committee providing oversight of CERTY activities and, in particular, the impartiality of its certification services and ensuring objectivity in its work.
CERTY Medical Devices Commitment to Impartiality.
Any questions relating to impartiality should be addressed to the CERTY President, and will be reviewed by the Chairperson or the Certification Oversight Committee.