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What Are Standards?

A standard is an agreed-upon method for producing a product, managing a process, providing a service, or supplying resources. Standards can be agreed upon for all elements of how we live, from quality, product performance, and safety to building design and services.

Standards create trust in the marketplace for goods and services. A product or service that has been certified to a standard is regarded as a mark of quality by customers.For businesses, compliance with standards can provide protection against unfair competition and help instill consumer confidence.

Certy is committed to meeting the requirements for IAF membership and engages in a periodic review program to ensure continuous compliance. This includes a commitment to the following:

Openness and sustainability
Impartiality and consensus
Effectiveness and relevance
Viability and stability

Policies and processes at CERTY Standards are designed to reflect and support these principles On request, additional information can be provided. The standards, regulations, and processes of CERTY are meant to ensure that, where relevant, funding for standards development work does not compromise the process’s impartiality.

How Do CERTY Make Standards?

CERTY develops standards through a consultative process, which usually involves the following stages:
Identifying the need to set a standard
Defining the scope of the standard (e.g. the technical, environmental or safety specifications which need to be set)
Consulting with other interested parties with a view to achieving a consensus
Publishing the agreed standards for the relevant product or service issuing certification

How does CERTY come up with standards?

CERTY develops the standards through a consultative process, which usually involves the following stages:

Recognizing the need for a standard
Defining the standard’s scope (e.g. the technical, environmental, or safety criteria must be established)
Other interested parties will be consulted in order to reach a consensus.
Certification is based on the publication of agreed-upon standards for the relevant product or service.